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Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap (Switch eShop)

The Dragon's Trap is a remake of a Master System game. You begin with legendary gear and storm a castle where a dragon awaits. Upon winning, you get cursed and transformed into a small dragon who can spit fire. The player is stuck in this form until they can find and beat the next dragon. It's here where things get worse because the mouse has a very short attack range with its tiny blade. The special ability to run on walls and getting off of them takes quite a lot of practice too. Since all bosses need to be hit in the head, careful jumping and timed attacks are a necessity. At times this is a hassle to pull off because of the character you have to play as.

The water creature is an upgrade over the mouse and after that point in the game you are able to find spots where you can switch between the curses you've already gone through. This increases the trial and error portion of where to go next a bit, but the game is small enough that it can't take too long. The fourth character, the lion, is hands down the best. He swings his big blade at an angle, starting from over his head all the way to the ground, so it's very easy to hit enemies. This upgrade makes it all the more a letdown that the final creature you play as is a bird who sucks all around. His boss battle isn't only annoying because of limited attack range, you also have to align pretty much perfectly with the boss to land a hit. Failure will result in you getting bumped all over the screen, because while you are invincible to damage after a hit, you aren't to hit detection. It's no fun to have no control for a few seconds and take a second hit without any fault on your part.

There's some fun to be had with Wonder Boy, but the overall quality ranges from decent to questionable. Ultimately the low end wins out because of a frustrating finish to a very, very, very short game. As such, The Dragon's Trap is only interesting for people who want to engage in nostalgia, because even at 75% off this game would be hard to recommend.

Controls 10 Jumping lacks precision, the range of attacks is insufficient in
some cases. Lack of true invincibility frames is annoying.
Gameplay   Sidescrolling action-adventure with basic level design.
Kill enemies, collect gold, upgrade your gear.
Story   The game starts off with what is pitched as the final showdown.
The main character ends up being cursed after defeating the boss.
Single-player   This remake doesn't provide much guidance on where to go.
Playable characters greatly vary in quality.
Multiplayer   Not
Graphics   Switch between modern and original graphics at any time.
The overhauled graphics are charming.
Sound   Here you can also switch between modern and original work
at any time. The soundtrack is fitting.
Value   The first playthrough clocks in at under three hours despite
lack of directions given by the game.
Replay Value   Hard mode comes with an odd version of the time limit:
Every time the clock runs out (~30 seconds), you lose health.
Score 4 Flawed controls that should have been improved were left untouched.
The Dragon's Trap is mediocrity in a pretty coat, grossly overpriced.

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