Smartie900 said:
Probably a terrible idea... but I would like to see a Wolfenstein comic published by Dark Horse.

To be fair, Dark Horse has dealt with Nazis in different Hellboy stories, so it makes sense. :)




-Western comic book

Art Style:

-Same as the games


-Essentially a gag comic involving Mario and company thwarting Bowser's various harebrained schemes, such as Bowser cheating on a game show, or Bowser brainwashing people into thinking Mario is evil.

-Bowser does occasionally have to team up with the heroes, but only so he can drive away whichever villain is taking his spotlight, like Wario or King Boo.

-Wart, Tatanga, Foreman Spike, and other forgotten Mario villains are recurring characters.

-Luigi is still the resident lovable coward, but is still able to muster up enough courage to get his friends out of trouble.

-The characters engage in spoofs of popular culture, such as Princess Peach in a family friendly version of Kill Bill, or Mario as Captain America.


-Archie Comics