Bandorr said:
After Tekken adding Noctis I realized the only thing keeping me from playing fighting games, is the cast.

I played Person 4 Arena. I'm getting Dissidia, and DBZ.

So if SF wants me to play it, get some anime up in you. Perhaps some Tales of? Lots of games to choose from.

Character roster is super important to me as well. But fundamentally the game has to be fun as well for me to enjoy those characters in the game. And that's why I'm liking the looks of this upgrade.

As for crossover characters, it's possible we could at least see a Tekken character, given the deal that allowed Akuma to appear in Tekken 7. I imagine if Capcom wanted to, they would be allowed to add a Tekken character to their game.

V-r0cK said:
Looks good. If they're following last gen's trend, after an Arcade Edition there'll come an Ultra version so I'll keep waiting til then.

Well this is a free upgrade, and a potential Ultra version would be too. In that sense there's not really any point in waiting, right?

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