Nem said:

Ken's move there are the end was Shinryuken. That has always been a super/critical art. It would be bonkers if that was just the effect from the new v-trigger.

I wish the character leaks were true though. That would make me buy the game.

It looks like he's doing a V-Trigger activation right before Shinryuken, so perhaps it is a V-Trigger after all. Same for Chun-Li.
Unless they just cut out the cinematic startup of the Critical Art for the trailer.

As for the leaks, it was Sagat, Sakura and Sodom, I think? And it came from X-Kira iirc. Then there are supposedly two more newcomers. I only remember one of them supposedly being a Final Fight character, but I'm not sure if this comes from the same source.

Personally I wanted Yun and Rose, but I guess I'll have to wait another year at least.

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