The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

99 out of 100


Clocked 75 hours into the game and loved every bit of it. The open world, the OST, the design, sound effects, everything.


One of the best games I've played ever too and this is after playing OoT3D and ALBW in the same year.




Games I've finished this year but were from yesteryears.......

Final Fantasy XV (PS4) - 89 out of 100 - as flawed as it is, I really enjoyed the game. The main characters, the music and even the combat made up for all the flaws.

Banjo Tooie (N64) - 97 out of 100 - the best platformer on the N64. Had so much fun playing this again

The World Ends With You (NDS) - 91 out of 100 - this was a surprising game that I played, didnt expect much getting into the game but came out surprised. It had flawed touch screen controls , but everything else about the game made up for it.

Mass Effect 3 (Origin/PC) - 91 out of 100 - end of a great space trilogy - easily the weakest out of the 3 that I played but still very enjoyable

Freedom Planet (Steam/PC) - 97 out of 100 - This is the best Sonic game that isnt a Sonic game, possibly my most favorite Indie game too. Cant wait for the sequel to come out

Disgaea PC (Steam/PC) - 99 out of 100 - another great classic, loved it on the PS2 but I enjoyed it the most on PC. Its my third most played game on Steam right now.

Thomas Was Alone (Steam/PC) - 82 out of 100 - this game was quite simple but the music, the narration and the overall atmosphere made this game worthwhile

-CUPID - A free to play Visual Novel (Steam/PC) - 91 out of 100 - very good looking Visual novel, very surprising it was F2P cause its quality and design made even the paid to play VNs look trash lol

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