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As some of you may know Talonman has created a hardware adjustment tool for me, so I can now make the necessary adjustments to the hardware figures to be in line with official figures. Unlike with the software adjustment tool, any adjustments made to the hardware will instantly show up on VGC Pro and the main site within an hour. 

I'm already working on Wii U adjustments to get our figures below the shipped figures (13.56m) released by Nintendo. I am also aware of some other adjustments that need to be made. 

I'd like this thread to be used for the community post any official numbers to help make sure our numbers are as accurate as possible. By official numbers I mean ones released by Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, third party companies (If any have revealed hardware data), NPD, Media Create, Famitsu, GfK Chart-Track, etc. If anyone posts figures be sure to include the link to where you found it, otherwise I will ignore them. 


Hardware Adjustments:

(February 2018)

  • Switch and 3DS sales adjusted up to be more in line with shipment figures released by Nintendo.
(January 2018)
  • US December 2017 sales adjusted to match NPD figures for the 4 main systems. 
  • PS4 was adjusted up in ROW to match the 73.6M figure for December 31 released by Sony when the final week of 2017 goes live. 
  • I will ask ioi to remove Wii U, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for the first week of 2018 now that Media Create has stopped tracking them.

(November 2017)

  • Wii U global reduced to 13,524,328 units. (LT shipped at 13.56m. It is nearly time to stop tracking it.)
  • 3DS global adjusted up 1.09m units to 67,471,662 units. (LT shipped at 68.98m as of Sep 30) When you add in missing weeks of September hardware units on shelves/transit would be around 1.3m units heading into the holiday season.
  • PS4, XOne, Switch adjusted in the US in 2017 to be more in line with the leaked NPD figures.
  • PS4 adjusted up 1.8m units to 65,656,515. (LT shipped at 67.5m as of Sep 30). When you add in the missing week of September hardware units on shelves/transit would be around 1.6m units heading into the holiday season. 
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