hudsoniscool said:
I find it funny that that people dig at ms or underplay what they are doing with backwards compatibility. Ya this bundle is cool and their exclusives are great. But what ms are doing with bc should be applauded loudly. They r doing things for free that others would charge you for. It's truely 'for the player' move. Go look at knights of the old republic and oblivion upgrades... free.

Like the wii U. That has full BC? Or the PS3 that had.. full BC.  Day one full BC. They had it, because they wanted to have it. Not two years later, because they were very much losing . Not very slowly adding them. Not having to download them.

Using old games to fill in the MASSIVE gigantic hole where NEW games should be - should not be applauded. It should be shamed, booed, and mocked.

The ones that are "charging" for it - are charging for it because it actually has new content or features to it.

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