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TomaTito said:
VGPolyglot said:

Hmm as to the +1, that hasn't been properly discussed yet. The ability to merge threads and the forum categories are things that we have discussed, though.

OK, good to know, so they have been considered (although not all).
I was just wondering since I didn't see them in the Ideas table in the second post.

Keep up the good work guys. Site has been left abandoned for quite some time, so bringing it back up is a ordeal to take on!

Yup, +1 and Forum Categories are on Suggestions, Merge Threads is on the actual list I just forgot to add it as I intentionally left off a lot of the moderator specific fixes, I've re-added the ones that benefit the community now.


I've updated the completed list:

- Email Fix for Account Verification & Password Resets (Hotmail/Outlook &Yahoo) - Please state whether you are still having issues (Check your spam folders).

- Stickied Threads appear on front page when bumped.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 06 November 2017