If you were going to I mean.


I'd want to use a gun. Quicker that way, and probably less painful. Couldn't do hanging, too high a chance of fucking it up and dying painfully and slowly (or not at all). Definitely couldn't do jumping off a building/cliff. That time between jumping and hitting the ground... yeah, best to avoid something like that. So a gun it is, no waiting for that as soon as you pull the trigger, it's done. I'd also prefer to do it somewhere secluded. Out in the middle of a forest would be a good location. Then you're not inconviencing anyone by making them clean up your dead body and blood and what not, but you're also keeping it a secret for a longer time period which is a plus. And hey, maybe you could feed some hungry animals out there too, so it's a win win.

So, how about you?

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