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TalonMan said:

Howdy all!!!

As most of you have already begun to notice, there has been a fairly substantial uptick in activity in regards to the maintenance of VGChartz
Our goal is to make this experience, the best it can possibly be...

Project Team (Responsible for managing the project list, both in detail and priority - if you have suggestions or bug complaints, they will be on the front-line.):
  - axumblade
  - Miguel_Zorro
  - RavenXtra
  - Ryuu96

Beta Testers (Responsible for thoroughly testing and documenting any and all issues with enhancements.)
  - Versus_Evil
  - VGPolyglot

Technical Team (Obviously, these are the people building features and keeping the hamsters fed so they can continue turning the wheel!)
  - jlauro
  - TalonMan
  - TruckOSaurus

Sales Team (The dynamic duo that fulfills the core mission of VGChartz which is updating and continuously improving the accuracy of our sales numbers, and those helping them do so)
  - Machina (Software Sales)
  - trunkswd (Hardware Sales)
  - Boutros (Sales Threads & Adjustment Recommendations)


It's great to be back, everyone! I look forward to doing what i can to help improve the website as quickly and as often as I can, and I hope you will all work with us if we happen to experience some growing pains as we work towards restoring VGChartz to the top-tier website it deserves to be!!

Great! Thanks a lot to you all!    

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