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TalonMan said:
SnekWasHere said:

I'd really rather disclose all the details with a mod who can figure out what is going on if that's okay?

They will likely need to manually rest my password as well. I've had difficulties with the password reset function located in the "settings -----> Password" in the past and I'm not sure if that is fixed yet. That has been an issue for over a year and it's kind of annoying but I can deal using my old password. Though it's quite problematic when the "lost password" route worked and now I can't actually log in because the e-mail won't send.

My theory is that the site has blocked off all e-mails that are associated with "Hotmail, Outlook, or Yahoo" currently since the site will not accept new users who uses those e-mails. Though unfortunately it seems the site may potentially be locking them out as well. Though I can't really say since I don't know when the site put that into effect, why, or how it's being enforced.

...without even looking - I'm sure you landed in that "Active user that never activated his account" bucket, and that's why you're suddenly unable to get logged in. Furthermore, if that account happens to be linked to a Hotmail, Outlook, or Yahoo email - then we're going to have to do some manual things, to get you a temporary password (since those domains are blocking emails from us - including the  "lost password" one).

Machina probably already activated your account - if not, just let me know what the username is and I can activate it. But that's ony part of the problem, and we'll still have to manually generate a temporary password for you.

PM me if you guys are still stuck with this.


Edit: Byt the way - the "change password" function ALSO did not work, if you landed in that "active user that didn't activate his account" bucket. Which is all the evidence I need, to know exactly what status your account was in. :(

I think I might have fell victim to this perge the other day too :(

But for that Yahoo thing, my password reset went to the spam folder for Yahoo. So it is coming through at least.


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