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VGPolyglot said:
SnekWasHere said:
Awesome! I'm super excited for VGchartz to be restored to it's former glory and maybe even surpass that.

So recently I've been having some log in issues and I am not actually able to log in on my main account anymore despite the fact my password is correct. I then made the huge mistake of doing a "password reset" and the e-mail never came. I did this a fair few times, maybe close to a dozen. I went through my e-mail's block list and nothing is listed for VGChartz. When I try to e-mail "" I automatically get an e-mail saying " rejected your message to the following email addresses: (" which is very weird.

I am very grateful that you guys are trying to fix the website and it's understandable that the random downtimes are unnecessary. Sometimes things break a bit to get better; but the fact I can't log in and lost my account and that it took me multiple attempts to make a burner account is very odd. I'm not entirely sure what the cause is but I have heard of other complaints about making new accounts in the past.

My question is how long will it be until I can have my regular account back and when will I be able to request a password reset? I have never e-mailed "" before so there's no reason for them to have blocked me. I've never had a ban before either. Just a warning or two over some very mild offenses and this was a fair while back and over the course of my few years here. I doubled checked my account and it's not listed as banned and this has been going on for 2 days now. If a mod could follow up on this that would be great. I'm not sure what mod would be the appropriate one to message to work through this and I don't want to spam "50" messages to make a posts to give this the proper attention that is needed.

Thanks an advanced and hopefully we can prevent this from happening to other users as well. It's a really terrible feeling if I were to be blunt and ended with a lot of wasted time and effort on my part.

What is your regular account?

I'd really rather disclose all the details with a mod who can figure out what is going on if that's okay?

They will likely need to manually rest my password as well. I've had difficulties with the password reset function located in the "settings -----> Password" in the past and I'm not sure if that is fixed yet. That has been an issue for over a year and it's kind of annoying but I can deal using my old password. Though it's quite problematic when the "lost password" route worked and now I can't actually log in because the e-mail won't send.

My theory is that the site has blocked off all e-mails that are associated with "Hotmail, Outlook, or Yahoo" currently since the site will not accept new users who uses those e-mails. Though unfortunately it seems the site may potentially be locking them out as well. Though I can't really say since I don't know when the site put that into effect, why, or how it's being enforced.