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PDF said:
VGPolyglot said:

There is actually front-page filtering now!! The sub-forums that you choose to appear in the forum hot-topics will be the only ones that display in the front-page hot topics.

That's for users who are signed up correct?.  I was thinking for lurkers who have yet to make accounts. People who are just visiting for the first few times impressions are important.  I've been logged out for a while thats why I thought of it.  I only just logged in to make this comment :p

I casually brought up once about making it so that by default only gaming topics show up on front page, however It's not on any of the lists yet, If enough people request it I suppose we can put it up but we also have the drop box filtering for logged out users.

NobleTeam360 said:
I was excited but then I saw Ryuu's name up there.

I still miss you

StarOcean said:
Oi, 2 questions:

1. Will we ever get better colors for the site? We cant have light black, grey, orange, and lime green as our colors forever XD

2. Will there ever be a mobile version? We'd have an edge over other sites if we had a proper mobile app

1. Better question for Trucks as he is working on the redesign, from what I've seen it seems to use the same colors as current VGC.

2. I won't say never but currently the focus for mobile is to just make the site more mobile friendly: