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Howdy all!!!

As most of you have already begun to notice, there has been a fairly substantial uptick in activity in regards to the maintenance of VGChartz - and while nothing earth shattering has been opened up on the website yet, I can assure you that we are all working very hard behind the scenes to improve your experience here, to resurrect some features that have been long lost and forgotten about, to create some new and interesting functionality that will enhance the website, and an ambitious end goal of giving the website a subtle refresh while making it a more mobile-friendly experience!!

We have assembled an excellent team of ambitious and dedicated workers - all of whom are key players in helping bring these updates to life! So, without further ado, I would like to introduce the people that have been involved so far in helping make all of this possible. I have complete confidence that building a team like this, will ensure that we eventually get a procedure in place to allow you the users, to see some of your own personal requests or ideas, brought to life and incorporated into VGChartz! Our goal is to make this experience, the best it can possibly be...

Project Team (Responsible for managing the project list, both in detail and priority - if you have suggestions or bug complaints, they will be on the front-line.):

Beta Testers (Responsible for thoroughly testing and documenting any and all issues with enhancements.)

Technical Team (Obviously, these are the people building features and keeping the hamsters fed so they can continue turning the wheel!)

Sales Team (The dynamic duo that fulfills the core mission of VGChartz which is updating and continuously improving the accuracy of our sales numbers, and those helping them do so)

A quick (you'll soon come to realize, nothing I ever write is short or "quick" - LOL!) background on myself:
I was following ioi (ie. Brett - aka broshnat) around, LOOOONG before there was a I first (accidentally) discovered his website, back when it was registered under - at that time, it wasn't really a videogame sales website (I think it had more to do with bands and such), but at some point he began posting some videogame sales charts on his site (which I would then take as ammunition to fight with some morons in the System Wars forum of GameSpot (am I dating myself???)).

Anyway - I wasn't the only one doing this and it's obvious that Brett took notice of the interest in his sales charts, because it wasn't long before he ditched that forgettable URL and opened up (which would later become,, around 2006 or so. And it was at this time that I began to harrass and annoy Brett with a barrage of emails - piling on enhancement requests and suggestions of how to fix bugs, to the point that I think Brett finally had enough of me, as he sent me an email that pretty much said: If you know so damn much about how to do what needs to be done, here are the keys - go and do it and stop bothering me!!! (I'm exaggerating, of course...    ...or am I? Brett - care to comment here?)  :)

So, Brett and I started building away at the website - he remained focused on the sales charts, ensuring that the stats were updated regularly, securing income via his ads, and working on the various charting tools for building graphs and whatnot, while I continued to bang away at enhancements to the website. As I've told many people around here, I don't do "pretty" stuff - I'm a database and functionality developer by trade (both as a hobby and a career), so we had Brett's brother (Dean - aka Deano) available to create graphics for us, as well as page mockups which I could then use to flesh out the functioning pages. Jlauro was already here before me, as well (I have to assume he was employee #1 for Brett!!) and continues to be the guy who keeps the lights on, ensures that our hardware keeps ticking, and will quickly find (and yell at me!) runaway processes and gnarly queries that are potentially killing the system.

Some of the earlier versions of the website:
    Still one of my favorite designs, simply for the color pattern

    Damn, I miss that blue!!!

    Always reminded me of the old GameSpot website - BEST GAMEDB!!!

    This was the final version I had worked on, but I honestly didn't contribute all that much

2010 was my last full year working on the website. I had attended E3 that year with Brett, along with a number of folks from VGChartz (it was probably one of the most awesome experiences I have had, to date!!!) - I did a write-up for the website afterwards which, if you're truly interested, can be (sorta) read here:

Unfortunately, a great many of the links are broken (no comment), but I will find a way to get this article back online in its entirety!! It was a damn good read, if I say so myself - and damn it, everybody ought to know what an amazingly EPIC event this was for me and for the VGChartz staff!

Anyway - by the end of the 2010, life had simply caught up with me and I just couldn't dedicate the time to the website anymore - kids, jobs, mortgages, etc. - hell, I barely even had time to PLAY videogames, nevermind helping build and maintain a website about them...       ...but I never lost touch with Brett. We'd chit-chat on Facebook from time to time and keep up with each other - I found out he was getting married this coming July (pretty much invited myself to his wedding as figured it was the perfect excuse I needed to finally get my wife and myself across the pond for the first time!). I would always pop on here from time to time, just to see how things were going. I noticed there were some problems here and there (quickie things that I knew I could fix in a few minutes), and I came to realize that life had slowed down a bit more since I was last nick-named "Code Monkey" around here (kids are olders, job pays better with less stress) and figured now was probably as good a time as any, to offer my services up to Brett one more time!!!

And here we are today!!!

I've reseved some space in this thread, to allow for some of the other members of the team the opportunity to announce themselves and perhaps offer some guidance to you all, as to how they want to see your ideas and suggestions passed along. I suspect they'll be looking for feedback from you all from time to time, in order to guage priorities on certain fixes, and they'll routinely be taking your temperature to see how you all are finding things around here.

It's great to be back, everyone! I look forward to doing what i can to help improve the website as quickly and as often as I can, and I hope you will all work with us if we happen to experience some growing pains as we work towards restoring VGChartz to the top-tier website it deserves to be!!

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