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AZWification said:

I have been asking for the PL to come back since forever, so this makes me very happy!

Do you have any recollections as to how it worked, back in the day???

I remember it being a fairly automated process, and it was tied to the sales updates as they came in. I would VERY much like to resurrect this functionality, but for the life of me I cannot remember the steps that were involved. I do remember there being an actual admin (and we still have the flag available in the database) who was responsible for managing the league (was it Nordlead back then????) - but that's about all I can remember.


Whatever form it returns in, it doesn't necessarily have to be exactly as it was back then (God only knows if it's even technically POSSIBLE to build it the same way it was) - but any information, suggestions, or other input as to how it should work, would be sincerely appreciated...