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A quick update on some functionality updates.  Talonman has been doing some great work to implement some features that we've been hoping for, for a long time.

1) We have a delete moderation feature working that we're testing out.  So if you have moderations that should be deleted, post them in this thread and I'll get to them.  WE WILL ONLY BE REMOVING MODERATIONS WHERE A MOD POSTED AND SAID "DISREGARD PREVIOUS MODERATION".  Do not post about moderations in this thread that do not fit that description.

2) We want to reduce the number of sub-forums.  Right now we're looking at the following

- Remove MMO Discussion (we've already moved most of the threads to other sections
- Remove Online Gaming and Game Specific Boards and move those topics to other sections
- Combine Website Issues and Website Feedback into "Website Issues and Feedback"
- Combine Movies and Music and Call it "Movies, Television, and Music"

3) Does anybody remember the "prediction league" feature that was built into the board?  My memory is fuzzy about it, but others seems to remember it.  You would have to have been around for a long time to remember this one.  We are looking for details about how it worked from those who participated in it  

4) There have been a number of other functionality updates that you may have noticed.  I'll leave those for Talon to announce in a future update.

Last edited by Miguel_Zorro - on 03 November 2017