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Thechalkblock said:
Bristow9091 said:
When people are saying dual joycon no grip, do they mean a joycon in each hand so they could hold their arms wide apart and still play? I couldn't do that, I don't like my hands being too far apart while holding a controller, it's one of the reasons I hated the Wii U gamepad, it just felt so weird having my hands that far apart, even if it wasn't by much, lol.

I don't have a Pro controller, don't feel the need to buy one, I'm more than happy with the joycons in the grip, it's actually a nice design and very comfy to hold for me, when I first saw pictures I thought it'd be more squared to hold but the grip is nice to hold, although I've had it slip down my hands a few times because of how smooth it is and how narrow it gets at the top.

Yeah, that's what we mean. 

I also feel the Joy-Con with the grip feels nice, but for some reason I prefer holding one in each hand now. 

It is what it is.

I don't know, that seems weird to me, I remember trying it with Breath of the Wild and I just felt lost with my arms so far apart (I played sat on the settee with my hands just rested to my sides) and was even forgetting the button layout and found myself having to look at the joycons to figure out which button was which, despite me knowing exactly what each button is, it just confused me somehow, not sure why... I can't even say I've not played a Nintendo console in a while either since literally the day before I got my Switch I was playing my N3DSXL, lol.