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My main focus today (besides making little fixes and enhancements here and there), is expanding some of the tools needed for maintaining the sales charts and a resurrection of the GameDB - these are the projects that will occupy a great majority of my time over the comings weeks/months. That said, I would like to begin formulating a plan of action in moving VGChartz into a more mobile friendly universe.

This is NOT a plan to build a VGChartz App!! It is solely about making the website easier to view and navigate on mobile devices - as such (and due to lack of resources to actually DO all of this work!), I would like to narrow down the features (pages) people would be most interested in seeing moved in this direction, first.

Obviously, the goal will eventually be making EVERY page mobile friendly - but there needs to be a starting point (and I would prefer if that starting point were something OTHER than the home page). If you choose "Other" in the poll, please make sure to comment here and let me know which area it is that you are most interested in... last point - please do NOT think this is something that's going to happen over the next few days or weeks. As I said in my opening, I already have priorities on the sales charts and GameDB. But as time allows (and if we find additional resources to help with the work), I would very much like to have an action plan!