Lafiel said:
loy310 said:

As long as gaf is up and running resetera or any shoot off won’t take off. In a year Gaf will back at the top and no one will be talking about recent events and the offshoots will have been forgotten.

on top of all that I can’t see this industry building a gaf competitor basically over night. Also I don’t know anyone with a paid email address, so good luck there.

what made neogaf popular are it's dedicated power users, they provide most of the content/discussion

imo if a critical portion of the power users migrate to resetera neogaf will lose it's status pretty quickly, as 99.9% of users just don't have the creativity/dedication/charm to attract people to the site on a daily basis

So what you're saying is... the reason for VGC's lack of (relative) popularity is all Rol's fault?

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018.