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DarthMetalliCube said:
spurgeonryan said:
Dodgers were having non of that. After that one loss they were not allowing it again. Still such a boring team, but they sure did dominate the Cubs.

I pretty much made peace with the fact that we were going out after game 2, if not game 3 for sure. But I just wish we made it a battle and not go out like chumps the way we did.

Repeat WS would have been nice but wasn't meant to be. Team just wasn't as good this year. Hell even last year we were world beaters and we were still one swing of the bat away from potentially losing it in 7.

Hopefully they'll be back with something to prove again next year. Got major pitching issues to fix and need another Fowler like lead off hitter than can ignite the offense.. I'm still so stoked I got to see one in my lifetime that honestly I'd be good for another like 5 years at least heh.

I am a little more annoyed just because I do not like the dodgers. Not a "Yankee" type dislike,  just a I do not like the team in general. 


Like I said,  hopefully Houston turns it around,  although there will be big ratings if it's dodgers, Yankees. 

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