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ChaosReich said:
GribbleGrunger said:

Exclusive: In the hustle and bustle of Computex, I had an interesting conversation with someone who will remain anonymous, about Sony's next-gen PlayStation

"After I had found out what this person did, I had a few questions to ask about the PS5 and what it will arrive as - especially when we look at Microsoft's upcoming Project Scorpio console. The first question I had was "will it feature a discrete GPU" to which I received a smile and a "I can't say exactly", and then I said would it feature an APU like Project Scorpio, and then there was a "no"."

Let's think of the possibilities: PS5 runs a Vega-based graphics card that we've been hearing about in the GTX 1070 level performance range, with an 8-core Ryzen-based CPU. Sony could push for a more expensive console experience, while providing better than Project Scorpio performance

"Another question I asked was when will Sony release the PlayStation 5, and my anonymous source said "definitely not in 2018", but wouldn't confirm a 2019 release."

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What the hell is a "discrete gpu"  and who the frick thought Sony would release PS5 in 2018 while PS4 is still selling so well

A discrete GPU is a GPU that is by itself, separate from the other components in a system. Prior to 8th gen, most consoles had discrete GPU's, but XB1 and PS4 went a different route, they both use APU's, which is a CPU and GPU combined into one chipset with shared access to a unified pool of memory.