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DarthMetalliCube said:
Wow, what a wild game! Love beating Dusty, as well as that hair/bat-flipped full of himself Bryce Harper. Reminded me of WS game 7 last year with how close and intense it was.

I know we just got that epic WS win (feels like yesterday), but I'm hungry for another! God knows we have lots of lost time to make up for with our 108 year gap.. I don't feel great about facing the Dodgers, as our bullpen is mostly trash, but if there's anything that makes me feel ok about it is that we've been one of the best teams of the 2nd half of the season while the Dodgers have pretty much coasted through the 2nd half, including a 11 game losing streak. Post season isn't so much about the overall best team, but often the hottest going into it.. Go CUBS!

Hopefully the dodgers have run out of gas bit. That seems to happen to teams that really dominate the season. 

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