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TalonMan said:

Since we don't yet have the ability to save games that we own to our profiles on the website (for now!!!), I figured I would list out the (physical) games I currently have, see how many other collectors are here on vgchartz, and check out which games you guys have purchased. Here's what I have so far (and before anyone asks, I have NOT played all of these games yet - a good portion are still shrinkwrapped as there are just too many games, and not enough hours! Especially since Zelda easily consumed three or four months of my life!!):


So - where are you all at???? List your collection, please!! :)

Here's a thread about third party games where people regularly post the new games they bought, either physically or digitally:

The whole thing is set up to shame me, hence why first party games do not count.

Oh, and these forums have a multi-quote button to make it easy to answer to different people in one go.

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