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NightlyPoe said:
psychicscubadiver said:
I definitely want to keep this thread on my buddy.

Are we really getting Metroid Prime 4 right after Christmas next year? It would make a lot more sense to either release it during the pre-holiday shopping season or wait a couple of months after Christmas. Tho, given how popular gift cards and such are getting as presents you could have a sizable population of people looking to spend right after Christmas.

We have no idea when we're getting Metroid Prime 4.  It might not even be next year.  The whole of our info on when we can expect it is a logo stating it's "Now In Development For Nintendo Switch".  That's it.

No major title is ever going to be released between Christmas and New Years though.  Those are just placeholder dates.

Yeah - those are definitely not coming out during those dates. But, those are the dates Amazon currently lists them as, so that's what I've used for now. Once they change, I'll update the OP...