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RolStoppable said:
TalonMan said:

Oh, that really SUCKS!!!!! That was functionality I had worked on, back in the day...    ...what a total bummer. :(

TruckOSaurus is doing some coding on this website in his free time. If you are willing to help and feel that something is missing, you could contact him and maybe work something out. I am not sure how much access he has to all possible things that could be done on this website, but it's not going to hurt asking.

My gut says, with all the URL shuffling Brett did - this functionality might be difficult to get back, now.

gamrconnect, vgchartz, gamewise, etc. - everything got split-up (and likely, the database access), so there's probably no quick and easy way to correct now. Which is an absolute SHAME! I loved having that ability (and I worked damn hard to build it, in the first place!!)... 

...I'll check in with Truck anyway, just to see if it's something that's even on his radar and how close I am to the truth in all of this. So disappointing.  :(