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Arminillo said:
i need my pick changed to IND

You already picked IND before.

EDIT: I haven't looked at the fantasy football league since Wednesday, so I was surprised to see that Noble swapped half of his roster. Losing to me must have really gotten to him.

My waiver claims didn't materialize, so my team remains the same. The good thing about having a thin roster is that it's not hard to decide who to start. The only decisions I have to make are on the WR position. Davante Adams gets to play despite being WR #3 on Green Bay's depth chart. Chris Hogan gets another shot because the Patriots tend to play twice as hard when they come off a loss, plus Tom Brady faces the Saints "defense" today. Lastly, DeSean Jackson gets a start despite not having him seen play yet; Mike Evans should draw the attention of defenders and Jackson should be able to win one-on-one against the Bears. Sitting this week will be Rishard Matthews (@JAX who have a good defense) and Cole Beasley (@DEN, self-explanatory).

Fingers crossed that my fantasy team wins today. The game schedule points towards playing catchup during SNF.

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