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Hi, my name is Rol.

Today I have an important announcement to make. The ban I received last week marked the 50th* entry in my moderation history.

Many of you probably know me as someone who analyzes the psychology of forum members, but what's also worth of note is that I am self-aware. I know that I have a reputation among many people that I get away with virtually anything here on VGC and therefore I am allegedly free to post anything I want. However, the facts clearly contradict this belief. How many VGC members do you know that have as long of a moderation history as I have? Or to make things more manageable, how many do you know that have a moderation history at least half as long as mine? You'll probably still struggle to name half a dozen correct answers.

Not sure what else to say, because this thread wasn't made to say that I have a problem with moderation. I just thought I should state the facts to clear up a common misconception, now that I've reached such a nice milestone.

*Number includes four moderations from the time before moderation histories were implemented.

Update on September 26th, 2017

Since this thread didn't accomplish its purpose the first time around, as can be read in this post, I consider it necessary to address the misconception once again in light of reaching 52 entries in my moderation history.

Update on November 14th, 2018

The day of creation of this thread isn't even 18 months ago, but I had a full 10 entries added to my moderation history since then. This means the total is at 60 now.

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