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the-pi-guy said:
Aeolus451 said:

What? You're confusing shit.  Europe and the left in the states has the same policies and beliefs but they've become so far left that everyone that disagrees with them is considered far right. Bernie and Hillary would have no chance of winning if what you said is true. The left likes to use propaganda to steer people to what they want and to help their minds. That's why most of the news media, hollowood, tech valley is all theirs. 

It's pretty wild that you think breitbart is a bigger concern compared to most of the media is pumping out propaganda for the left.

They really don't.  Listen to UK conservatives and they align much more closely to US Democrats. Bernie is a left leaning moderate in the rest of the world.  In the US, he's ridiculously far to the left.  Democrats have been going further to the left as of late, but they are still moderates in the rest of the world.  "Everyone that disagrees with them is far right." That's not even close to correct. 


What kinds of propoganda is the left pumping out?  

If you call bernie who describes himself as a socialist, a moderate then yes, alot of europe is far far left.

In the us, it's fairly easy to point out. They like anything progressive and shit on anything the right says or do. They tried to win the election for hillary. In europe, bbc and politicians tries to hide the negative effects of letting in refugees and letting them live in those countries. I would have to dig up stuff for each part of europe but I don't have have all night for all that. If you're really interested then try to be objective and dig up stuff.