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TH3-D0S3R said:
palou said:

Or, you know... you could watch non-american news? 

I do, I mentioned it in my comment. I don't normally go to Fox for my news feed, there's a personality or 2 I Like on the network but I dont go to Fox constantly for my news feed.

And lastly, those thinking Republicans are the enemy and Trump should be dead, you're the ones filled up on propoganda. No reasonable people wish death upon anyone, you come off as insane. I can sense the shortcomings of Republicans and am willing to call them out on their issues, and while I've never been fond of the Democratic Party, not once did I wish that Obama would die, in fact I wished him the best, because the better he does the better I do. If you seriously think Trump is pushing propoganda currently and want him dead, the next minimum 8-16 years will not be fun for you. While I may not agree with his own news network, every other source on TV is fake at this point, and he isn't wishing death upon CNN and MSNBC, he wants them to not lie about the news.

Even though Trump is making his own station for news, he comes off as the adult when people say I want Trump dead.

If we're honest, Trump is most definetely better than Pence...


As a whole, my strongest beliefs on american politics currently are on electoral reforms. A system that gives only 2 viable options for the electorat is kust barely democratic, in my eyes. People feel obliged to abide to the group of opinions of one side or the other, and have become unable to view issues seperately (since they voted A, they feel the need to justify every single action that A takes, even if it isn't part of the issues which they chose A for.)

I really think that it's time that we dropped the terms "left" and "right". Issues should be regarded individually, and individuals should have the right to be judged independantly. 

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