Not sure the value of dollar to me these days as I mainly stick to purchases closer to home but that seems like not a great "Steal". I was at a car boat sale a few years ago (2012 i think) and by luck managed to get near half the games I'd missed on ps3 between 09' and then for the 20...something quid in my pocket. I remember there was a sale in Gamestop at the same time and I had the intention of getting God of war (The one after 3 that isn't 3) but it being sunday I took the route to avoid the church Car park and instead took a stroll through another in which I found the God of war game and a stack of a dozen or so others I had been wanting. The steal though is I got to start most of those games, popped a trophy or two on a good few of them so they forever stain my PSN account and then my PS3 was stolen from me in someones drunken rage just a few weeks later.


China Numba wan!!