Green098 said:
Machina said:
Partly my fault, partly Brett's.

I fucked up the latest chart I was working on (the next German chart) by making a rookie error. If an error is made in an unpublished software chart then it needs to be completely reset so that I can start again from scratch. What's causing the delay? Well Brett is the only one who can reset the charts and I've been waiting all week for him to do so but he still hasn't.

So that's the reason for the hold-up, and I've been kicking myself about it all week because I know if I need to request a reset it can take anything from 24 hours to a fucking week for Brett to actually do something. As soon as he responds to me and resets the chart I can get back to doing a chart or two every day.

So yeah, sorry guys... :(

It's ok I think it's seems that a lot of people here are used to a wait when it comes to the sites numbers anyways lol. Any chance when everything is sorted the charts will be updated at a bit of a faster pace to catch up for the lost time?

Yeah I will definitely make an effort to push the software out a bit faster than my usual rate once I can get started again. It's not exactly happened at the best of times though - I'm going on holiday in 5 weeks' time (I'll still work on them on holiday, but at a slightly slower rate than normal).

As for the hardware that's Trunks' area and I think he's waiting for Brett to adjust PS4 up before he gets started again.


As an addition to my first post I'll say this - we're doing our best with the tools we have. If Brett ever gives us the ability to adjust post-chart publication and reset charts we can actually return to the super old school schedule where we were basically only a fortnight behind the actual date. As it is, at present, the best we can do is be a month behind actual.