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Zod95 said:
SpokenTruth said:

"I believe NS's lifetime sales will be between 20M and 25M"

More than 20M then. We're on the same boat.


SpokenTruth said:

I'm not incapable.  I just don't owe you one.  But let me tell you what predictions that are really easy criticize...those that ignore data, facts and reality.

Any prediction is easy to criticize when we don't make our own.

You owe me nothing, zero. Zero is also my consideration for critics to my predictions from people that don't make their own.

I'm merely pointing out how flawed your prediction is given that they plan to ship nearly that much in just 1 fiscal year.  Do you really think they are goign to cut all production ~16 months into the life of a console that is selling at levels they've not seen in a decade?

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