Miguel_Zorro said:
Ryuu96 said:

Didn't see this until now and I updated it again yesterday Np.

I think the banners would look a lot better if we had a banner for every OT and if they were all the same size...though it's awkward to do that for some, already cut them down enough It would be cool if everyone made a banner, even just something basic like mine I could shove in.

Anyway we miss any?

We need an art team on the site.  :)

I think they're all here for the most part, and I'm sure people will tell us if there's are missing.

Perhaps it's ok if we state who authorized each thread here if people don't want that in their official thread.

We really do I honestly think it looks a little messy with only half having banners and them all being different sizes.


Anyway I made more edits:

OP Changes

- Versus_Evil is OP of Anime Discussion now.

- Shadow8 has left so we're looking for a new OP of PS Community

- Halo OT OP has left.

- PC Gaming thread OP has left (Lol, 3 years ago)

New OT's

- Added DC TV's Arrowverse Official Thread (Ryuu96)

- Added The 2017 NHL Playoffs Thread (VGPolyglot)

- Added The Official Pro Wrasslin' Thread (BasilZero)