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Super Metroid (Wii Virtual Console)

Super Metroid is the third installment of the Metroid series. Samus Aran returns to planet Zebes to take care of the space pirates and Mother Brain once and for all. After an intro monologue and stage, the player gets dropped off on the surface of Zebes with no directions whatsoever. There are no NPCs, the environment is hostile, it's just you and your mission. The end.

I struggle to think of what to say in this review. I could use tons of superlatives to describe how good Super Metroid is, but I feel it's redundant. Just go play the game if you haven't already. The level of immersion found in this game is present in hardly any others. What is a perfect game? Does it mean to look at a title and wonder what could be added to make it better? Or should the question rather be what can be removed? What could or should be removed from Super Metroid to make it better?

The philosophical part aside, I've never liked the wall jump in Super Metroid. It's a completely optional technique, but something is off about it. Pulling it off consistently and going all the way up in a shaft is unrealistic in my mind. I know other players can do it, but I don't and won't bother with it at all in my playthroughs. The game has an X-ray scope to scan walls for hidden upgrades. On one hand this allows players to figure out everything for themselves, but on the other hand it's quite a tedious process if you go for 100% all on your own without any guides. A higher difficulty setting would have been welcome.

This is probably a very disappointing review to read. I am left with either stating the obvious in a condensed manner or heavy nitpicking. It's not interesting to write under these conditions.

Controls 10 The terrible default button configuration can be changed to
something that the player is comfortable with.
Gameplay   Exploring Zebes is a lot of fun. There are secrets everywhere
and plenty of smaller boss fights to shake things up.
Story   Samus recaps the events of her first two games to get started.
Atmosphere is on an exceptionally high level.
Single-player   Super Metroid soaks you in and doesn't let you go.
There's no handholding, just lots of exploration and survival.
Multiplayer   Not
Graphics   Huge bosses impress, but for a SNES games released in 1994
the background patterns and colors are a bit lackluster.
Sound   A soundtrack so awesome that every following installment
had to draw from it. Ridley's theme was introduced here.
Value   Well over 1,000 screens to explore in an interconnected world.
Could only feel too short because nobody wants it to be over.
Replay Value   No unlockables, no additional difficulties, absolutely nothing.
You want to play it again anyway. That speaks for itself.
Score 10 The quintessential masterpiece of the genre. Empowering the
player, putting the developers in the background.

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