Ryuu96 said:

I got the summary from Neogaf Don't understand most this tech stuff.

But regarding Dynamic Weather in the ForzaTech Demo

Did you see it running a game?

Yes. Well, a ForzaTech demo, which is a stress test based on the Forza Motorsport 6 engine, running the maximum number of cars around a track with dynamic weather and all the bells and whistles turned on.


Nice. Hopefully this means dynamic weather is a possibility for Forza 7. Dynamic weather (and time of day) would be so much better than the baked in time and weather in Forza 6. The night and rain settings were only available on certain maps in Forza 6, which kind of sucked. I want to do a long race that starts in the day and leads into the night, with a possibilty of rain starting during the race.