SvennoJ said:
Thanks for the review. I think I'll pass. I couldn't get along with the WiiU version at the second speed already nor enjoyed the tracks very much. I was hoping the new tracks would be vastly improved and the AI overhauled yet that doesn't seem to be the case.

Too bad the AI is still cheap. I had plenty near perfect races too, hitting all the boosts, in the lead for 2 laps and still get rammed from behind halfway through the last lap, end in 8th. Or get hit by some random obstacle on the track. It had potential yet the fun factor went down fast with RMX.

I think some of the new tracks added are better than the original tracks. But they still put in the cheapshot polls in the middle of some of the track on a few of them. I'd still give them credit that the AI is much better, but it seems they still haven't quite figured it out.


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