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Snipperclips: Cut it Out Together is collaboration between SFB Games and Nintendo. One of the first times Nintendo has collab with such a small studio. And I’m glad they took the risk, since SnipperClips is just brilliant.

Snipperclips doesn’t feature any story; it’s all about the gameplay. Snipperclips main gameplay mechanic is cutting out you and your partner to try and fit into a shape or perform a certain task. You will face levels that require you to bring a basketball into a hoop, or make your 2 characters into a heart shape, or pull a cactus up all the way to the ceiling. You get these done by cutting each other up, for example, on the basketball hoop one, you’re going to have one person be a cup shape to catch the ball and then bring it to the hoop. And in the cactus, you’ll form each other into a wedge to try and pull the cactus up from the spikes.

But one of the best parts of this game is the solutions I just told you aren’t technically the right way to solve the puzzles, since you can solve them in so many different ways. This adds a lot of freedom to what you can do and adds a bit of argument between you and your friend since you can have different ideas. A lot of puzzles are physics base, so its lets you try new things with the games physics engine. But the physics engine isn’t perfect; I noticed it will send some objects flying if you touch it a certain way and I didn’t feel they were always consistent. The physics system works, but it has its small issues.

Next is that this game is just brilliant in multiplayer. There are 45 main levels and the 21 2-4 player’s levels. My roommate and I played the game together and we both loved it. It certainly tests the way you can work together and all levels are designed to be done by at least 2 people. I would not recommend doing single player. And I will say that the 2-4 levels are more recommendable with 3 or 4 people but I felt that they were still great in 2 players. It actually made them a bit more difficult, which I can certainly respect. Since this game wasn’t very difficult.

But that does bring up some disappointments with the games one being the controls and the controller options. The only way you can play the game is with the joyconns on their side. There is not grip support or the pro controller, which I found very annoying and disappointing. The controls of the game overall work other than the movement sensitivity. By just moving stick forward will jolt your player a good distance and it’s so difficult to try and inch forward. I went searching in the options for a sensitivity adjuster and found none. Which is a shame since it did damper some of my enjoyment of the game having to struggle just to get lined up correctly.

When you’re finished with the whole game, there are still 3 mini games to try out, and then never play again. The first is basketball, which was fun the first time, but not after that. The next is air hockey type thing that was one of the worst things I’ve ever tried to control. I mean wow the sensitivity on it was appalling and physic on the puck was whack. There’s also a melee mode where you cut each other to death, which I never tried since I only have 1 pair of joyconns and 1 v 1 would be lame.



Snipperclips is overall a pretty damn good game. It’s such a blast to play with others and all the levels are expertly designed. I didn’t find a single one I didn’t like. But sadly the lack of controller options and the terrible directional sensitivity brought the game down. I would hihgly recomend buying this game if you have someone to play it with, it was such a blast to play for me and my roommate. But if your planning to play single player, I think this should probably be a skip.





Great level designs
blast to play with friends
multiple solutions to levels


no pro-controller or grip support
analog stick sensitivity issues
mini games were meh


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