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vivster said:

Wow, that's probably the worst post I have ever read from you on here. You usually seem to employ logic in your arguments.

Absense of vocal criticism does not imply the lack of a problem. You're basically insinuating that people lied about their issues with the game just because you couldn't hear the complaints in the early days that were drowned out by mindless praising. That is one reason why you didn't hear about certain complaints and the other would be that early voices are the ones more inclined to give the game a pass because it's one of their favorite franchises. People who are not that infatuated with the franchise would naturally pick up the game later and not necessarily on day one.

BTW I have been complaining about these issues since day one and got labeled as Nintendo hater for it. Weapons breaking is a stupid mechanic that nobody would have complained about if it was absent from the game. Going into the menu during fights is stupid because it could be easily done with quick menus. The fact that there are easy objective solutions for the problems that would improve experience for one group and not affect the other proves that they are problems stemming from poor game design.

That said you are of course entitled to your opinion and it does seem that the vast majority of players does not mind the brought up issues. That's also absolutely fine.

My problem with your post is however your insinuation that just because a majority does not aknowledge certain issues that it doesn't exist and even worse basically claiming that everyone who does complain does so out of disingenuity. You can write in your review whatever you want and it's fine, but don't go around actively disavowing other people's complaints.

The problem that you personally face is that you've pissed away your credibility on these forums. When you need to get banned because you complain about 30 fps in Horizon Zero Dawn, then it's clear that you love to be negative for the sake of negativity while reasonable behavior is of no concern to you. This in turn means that you have established a perception of your persona where anything you say can and will be brushed off, regardless of if you actually have a point or not.

But no, I didn't make an insinuation that everyone who complains is disingenious. I said the majority is doing that, and that's turning a molehill into a mountain.

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