SkepticallyMinded said:
Let's see here, I've been moderated for not being able to read someone's mind in order to discontinue posting on their wall. (StarOcean was the mod)

I've also been moderated for making a completely valid statement about the anti-science agenda from evangelical Christians.(Super_Boom culprit)

I find it absolutely perplexing that my first ban was 7 days as well. That mod (Star Ocean) is clearly emotionally unstable to have placed such a harsh ban on me for his own blunder.

The progressive system is absolutely atrocious. It's akin to committing three counts of petty theft and receiving a life sentence. Punishment fits the crime, it doesn't scale arbitrarily.

Explain your logic please. This should be hilarious to read.

Can you link the posts in question? I'd like to review them. If it was unfair, though I'm not the mod in question, I apologize. If it was justified, however, then I'd advise a reconsideration of posting certain things.

But we'll take a look.