CGI-Quality said:
UnderstatedCornHole said:

I support the progressive ban system.
I don't support certain moderators ignoring it and giving people they like free passes and not progressing the ban length, while ignoring the progressive ban system and giving longer bans than the progressive ban system advocates at their discretion.

Can a moderator please clarify if the progressive ban system is a real thing, or just a guideline and completely arbitrary?

Cheers :)


EDIT - Speak of the devil ^ :p

It's a real thing, though sometimes, moderators will use discretion when making moves. I agree that this should happen as infrequently as possible and we need to improve on the aspect should the system remain intact.


Ka-pi96 said:

Yeah, especially since posts in the thread are much more even than the poll would suggest

For the most part I like the progressive system, it kind of makes sense as a way to reinforce what not to do with longer ban periods each time, and it also rewards periods without moderation. It can appear unfair at times when 2 users doing a similar thing at a similar time can get very different ban lengths so in cases where it's just a minor thing between 2 users I think a short ban outside of the usual progressive system could also work. But for more isolated incidents or more blatant rule breaches the progressive system works really well in my view.

Good points!

Thanks for the response and clarity.