CGI-Quality said:

This can be adjusted, surely. However, the issue wasn't specifically Goodnight's reply. There just needed to be a reminder of what was stated earlier - that the forums aren't a free-for-all on a poster, personally. 

On the flip side, Vita could have elaborated and anyone could have asked for such a response, myself included. So there is some food for thought.

Heck, people could have even let Vita's response be enough to bypass him entirely (or report it) to keep the thread moving along and not be derailed with an off-topic discussion (which goes well with your two middle sentences :p).


sethnintendo said:

I just try to stop fucking with people that make stupid posts.


Is there any time frame from a warning to the next questionable post before you get banned?  Like after 6 months or a year the warning expires and you get to have another warning if it isn't that bad of a post which would warrant a ban. 

Yup, as a user I used to just bypass posts like that.

Generally around 6 months.  But if it's really awful or exactly the same behaviour, a warning likely wouldn't be sufficient.