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fleischr said:

Final Fantasy XV and VII:R

Inb4 - "the switch is to weak to run FFXV and FFVIIR!" I don't care about that. What I really want is the return of mainline FF games to Nintendo consoles - even if downgraded. FF on Nintendo feels right and long overdue. And if it's possible, I want to see it happen. Think of playing FFXV while on a roadtrip! And by the way Switch having proper full UE4 support, it should be possible. And If we get VII:R on Switch, it'll feel like a true homecoming for the series.

When people say too weak, they generally mean too weak even when downgraded. No one assumed that any PS4 game on Switch won't be downgraded anyway. But there's only so far you can downgrade a game before it fails to pass the acceptable standards the game is expected to meet. How many characters can appear on screen, draw distance, textures, effects, framerate, etc.
At this point my expectations for those games appearing on Switch are very low.

I could see Overwatch happening though, and that would be on my list for most wanted games for the system as it's a very popular FPS. Resident Evil 4 will probably appear as well. Capcom puts that out on every possible system.

Some other games I'd like to see on Switch: Yakuza 0, Persona 5, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, Nier Automata, a Bravely Default game, Phoenix Wright, Kingdom Hearts, Tekken 7 and Resident Evil 7.