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Goodnightmoon said:

Switch is making obvious the epic amount of simpletons that form gaming comunity

SegataSanshiro said:

This is the guy that still swears Vita will outsell 3DS right?


Why should I watch a video of a guy who wrote this gem

Polygon levels of wrong.

Lmao! This guy is always trying to look like some kind of intellectual when is the biggest simpleton you can find out there "It has power=success, It has no power= failure" what a freaking genious, the best part is the "Nintendo is the least of Sony's concerns these days" acting like Vita not only gonna sell well, not only more than 3ds but WAY more than 3ds, lmao again.

The best thing is, now that Switch is gonna be everything that Vita wasn't and more, now he feels pesimistic about it. Truly genious.

True, the PS1 and PS2 weren't the most powerful systems in their respective generations, and nearly everyone wanted one. Same thing happened with the Wii. Power isn't always the main selling point for a system.