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ANNOUNCEMENT - Divisional Playoffs Results, Matchups for Conference Championships

Finally a couple of close playoff games to make this postseason more watchable. Quickly moving on to the prediction league results, here they are. Spreadsheet is here, check your own matchups and let me know if there are any mistakes in the maths.

# Username Record/PDT vs. Record/PDT Username # HFA
13 NobleTeam360 3-1/25 vs. 1-3/28 (48) FatedReality 1 20
12 Miguel_Zorro 2-2/29 vs. 2-2/3 (16) amp316 2 13
10 cycycychris 3-1/21 vs. 2-2/16 (26) NinjaBlade360 3 10
8 ljigga 3-1/22 vs. 4-0/15 (18) Chris Hu 6 3

1. NobleTeam360 took down the 1st seed FatedReality with ease. No amount of HFA is going to help when you only get one pick right.

2. This was the closest matchup this weekend with both players going 2-2 after picking the exact same teams.

3. cycycychris came through on the basis of his Steelers pick.

4. Chris Hu was the only one to go 4-0 as he was the only who picked Green Bay. Or more accurately, he picked against the Cowboys.

Matchups for Conference Championships

Unless I am misremembering things, this is the first time that a seed lower than 8th has made it to the semifinals, and we actually got two of them. The HFA rule sees a slight adjustment in this round with an additional /2 modifier because there are only two instead of four NFL games.

# Username Record/PDT vs. Record/PDT Username # HFA
13 NobleTeam360       amp316 2 7
10 cycycychris       Chris Hu 6 3

amp316 won the playoffs in the 2014 season, so maybe he can repeat. And we get chris vs. Chris. Intriguing.

Here are the NFL games to predict:


Once again, you can use the same PM as before.

Consolation Round Results

# Username Record/PDT vs. Record/PDT Username #
26 dongo8  2-2/23 vs.  3-1/31 Angelus 18
25 Level1Death  3-1/29 vs.  3-1/22 theRepublic 20
24 superchunk  3-1/39 vs.  3-1/26 sethnintendo 21
23 RolStoppable  4-0/18 vs.  2-2/35 TheGoldenBoy 22

1. Angelus needed to make a comeback after his Seahawks pick.
2. If Pittsburgh had won by 6 or more points, Level1Death would have advanced.
3. Similarly, superchunk needed Pittsburgh to win by 9 points or more.
4. Rol tied for the best results with Chris Hu this weekend. Gets good when it doesn't matter anymore.

The above results lead to the following matchups:

# Username Record/PDT vs. Record/PDT Username #
23 RolStoppable   vs.   Angelus 18
21 sethnintendo
theRepublic 20

Angelus will have to send his predictions to NobleTeam360 this week. Hopefully Noble doesn't throw himself off a bridge after the Cowboys' loss.

To everyone who got eliminated this weekend, thank you for participating in the NFL Prediction League 2016.

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