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Yoshihiro Maruyama

Executive vice president, Square U.S.

I think [Final Fantasy 7’s success] changed [Sakaguchi’s] style in a slightly negative way. [Laughs] He thought he could do anything within the company. That’s why he started investing even more money in Final Fantasy the movie, which became one of the biggest flops. That made him a little out of control. The original budget of the film was like $40 million dollars, and it [ended up costing] close to $150 million. So when I actually did the calculation on how much it was going to cost based on the number of people Sakaguchi wanted to assign, I quickly figured out it couldn’t be finished for $40 million. But you know, they did it anyway. They kept investing more money."

Sakaguchi done fucked up this real good.


Tomoyuki Takechi

President and chief executive officer, Square

In 2001, the fiscal year ending in March, that was the first year that Square ever went into the red. … The movie was the main reason for that. But we also delayed Final Fantasy 10 past the end of the fiscal year, and that was another big factor. … And to take responsibility for going into the red, I decided to step down and leave the company. Then Sakaguchi-san said, “Well, it’s not fair for you to have to leave, so I’ll take responsibility and leave as well.” That’s why Sakaguchi-san left.