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If you like FF7 and want to know the story behind it just read this long and awsome article with quotes from a lot of his devs. Its amazing.



Tetsuya Nomura

Character and battle visual director, Square Japan

I remember walking down the hall when Sakaguchi-san stopped me and said, “Hey, look at this!” He was wearing this jumper jacket, and he turned around and showed me the PlayStation logo on the back. I stood there kind of dumbfounded. … I was pretty low on the totem pole at Square back then, so I couldn’t really say anything in response — and in any event, even if he had talked to me about it, I was only in a position to nod and agree with him."



Hironobu Sakaguchi

Producer and executive vice president, Square Japan; Chairman and chief executive officer, Square USA

When we made our decision, the president of Square [Masafumi Miyamoto], our lead programmer [Ken Narita] and I went to a meeting with Yamauchi-san. There is an old cultural tradition where, in Kyoto, someone will welcome you with tea, but you’re not supposed to really drink that tea. It’s just polite to have it there. And Yamauchi-san welcomed us with a very expensive bento meal and beer, and gave us a very nice welcome and basically patted us on the back to say, “I wish you the best.” No bitter feelings or anything."


"Hiroshi Kawai

Character programmer, Square Japan

I think [Sakaguchi] is just trying to be politically correct with that one."



Hiroshi Kawai

Character programmer, Square Japan

What I heard was Nintendo said, “If you’re leaving us, never come back.”"