Community Consultation - The "Don't Call People Trolls" Rule.

Rule 9 of the Forum Rules addresses Insults and Flaming.  Among other things, it states that you can't call a user a troll.  This rule has been discussed and debated extensively over the years. 

Arguments in favor of this rule:
- Calling a user a troll simply results in an escalated flame war and accomplishes very little
- One suggestion has been made to allow people to call someone a troll if they are in fact trolling. However, this would result in the moderators deciding whether actual trolling was present, making the rule more subjective than the current blanket rule.
- The rule is very clear as it is written. It's easy to avoid calling somebody a troll.

Arguments against this rule:
- Calling a user a troll can be an effective way to get them to tone down their trolling.  

The conclusion reached was to simply not call people trolls. It does more harm than good.

Last edited by CGI-Quality - on 15 August 2019