leo-j said:


Sony's reel of exclusive IP launching in 2017 does not include KH 2.8, OR KH COLLECTION, both of which are exclusive games to ps4 as of right now.

Both these IP run on unreal engine 4, and are likely to follow DQ XI onto the switch..... Huge deal if it happens! Just a theory from Mr leo-j ;)

Not sure what Sony reel you are refering to, so it would be nice if you could link us to it?
They have a ton of Playstation exclusives in 2017 though so they can't fit all of them in a commercial.

As for Kingdom Hearts 2.8, 0.2 is part of it, and since it is essentially a piece of Kingdom Hearts 3, I'm pretty sure Switch can't run that game properly. It's late in development and it has been designed with PS4 and XB1 in mind, unlike Dragon Quest XI.

But I do expect Kingdom Hearts to appear on Switch at some point. It's been on Nintendo's handhelds all the way, so it's obvious we'll see the series on Switch as well. I don't expect KH3 to be one of them though.