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#37 - Super Mario 64


Game: Super Mario 64
Genre: Platformer Adventure
Developer: Nintendo
System: Nintendo 64 (N64)
Total Score: 90/100
Value Score: 9/10


Super Mario 64 was my first 3D Mario game. It may have been N64's first game but ironically it was my last N64 game I purchased.

I'm not sure why but never had the chance to actually get it while the N64 was still in the market - I only gotten the game after the Gamecube came out. It took me a few more years until I finished the actual game as well. I love the world and its design, the gameplay was great despite using the horrendous N64 controller. Although I enjoyed BK and BT more , SM64 was such a great experience and since then, always got excited whenever a 3D Mario game was released.

I played the NDS version but this post is mainly for the N64 version which I still consider the better version.

I played it again last year and managed to collect all of the Power Stars for the first time and even got to see Yoshi :3


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