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#40 - Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition


Game: Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition
Genre: RPG/Action-Adventure
Developer: From Software/Namco
System: Steam (PC)
Total Score: 94/100
Value Score: 9.4/10


I was surprised by this game - I didnt expect myself to enjoy it or even get into the series. My friends that I made from MMOs introduced me to Dark Souls and I got to play with them in multiplayer. It was such an amazing experience that we ended up doing 3 different playthroughs (each playthrough for person). We were overpowered but at times we gotten owned either by computer controlled targets and at times we got owned by someone in PVP (mostly by a hacker actually) but we owned the others ;p.

I created a playthrough of my runs with my friends. Included the PVP moments as well!

Comes with full commentary from all 3 of us.


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